There have been various reports of how social media influencers are abandoning Snapchat in favor of Instagram. And to a large degree, that makes sense – Instagram Stories now has 250 million users, compared to Snapchat’s 173 million daily actives, while Instagram also now has more than 800 million users overall, expanding the audience potential.

Add to that the consideration that users will also soon be able to cross-post their Instagram Stories to Facebook direct (Facebook have now confirmed this is being rolled out), and it’s fairly clear to see – if you want to reach more people (which means more dollars), you use Instagram.

But more than that, Instagram also makes the influencer marketing process easier to track, with better data and reporting tools, and improved ad products. Snapchat’s never made catering to influencers a priority, and while they have shifted their approach somewhat of late, their decision to not support influencers could come back to hurt them – especially if more and more of these users re-direct their large followings across to the Facebook-owned app.

To provide some additional context on this, MediaKix has been tracking the Snapchat and Instagram Stories usage of some of the top influencers. Their findings show that influencers are now using Snapchat 33% less – the infographic below provides an overview of their latest research update.

Top Influencers Using Snapchat 33% Less, According to New Study [Infographic] | Social Media Today