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The Stavridis Group is an Award Winning Digital Agency
that offers a wealth of design and marketing solutions to private and government clients


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 The Stavridis Group is an Award Winning Digital Agency

Best Digital Agency Canberra ACT award winning digital agency canberra

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search engine optimisation canberra

search engine optimisation canberra

Many companies can build you a website, but only a few know how to push the boundaries to make your website work for you.

Generate Sales with our search engine optimisation canberra Team
Rather than focusing on HTML, CSS or programming, we focus on the key strategies, content and design elements that go into creating a strategic web presence that generates sales.

Stay Optimised with our search engine optimisation canberrateam
We optimise websites on an ongoing basis to make them likable by all three main search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) with the keywords customers use most to search and find your service or product.

search engine optimisation canberra

search engine optimisation canberra

Buzz on Social Media with our search engine optimisation canberrateam
We use our unique, social-media, marketing skills to make your brand BUZZ.

Race to the Top with our search engine optimisation canberrateam
Websites are living, breathing entities and need constant care and maintenance.

search engine optimisation canberra

Updating content, making changes to the back-end, monitoring performance and traffic and fixing broken links are all in a day’s work. All of these actions are critical in maintaining a top-ranking spot for your website.

Unique Strategy

search engine optimisation canberra

Our Four Salesmen ® Strategy will target your competitors, grab on-line, quality traffic and deliver it to your website.

Our Goal
To move your organisation forward and achieve high, on-line prominence in a competitive environment.