22. Video Editing in Studio > 4hrs
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05. Graphic Design > DL Card Design
June 13, 2017
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20. Photography Onsite > 2 hrs
June 13, 2017
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22. Video Editing in Studio > 4hrs


Hire our Canberra video editor for 4 hrs


Hire our video editor for 4 hours to edit your video.  Additional time will be charged at $250 per hour.

The 4 hr video editing costs covers the time of our video editor using up to 2 hrs of raw footage, either our own or from our client.

This is just basic video editing of cut and trim.  No graphic design artwork or royalty free background music have been included in the price.  These will be charged additionally, if needed.

Exporting is either to full HD and/or video MP4 stream for the internet,

Please check availability of our video editor before making this purchase.
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