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WhatsApp Adds Support for Secure Migration of Chat History from Android to iOS

A quick one for WhatsApp users – today, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that users will now be able to switch between Android and iPhone without losing encryption on their messages.

Mark Zuckerberg post

As noted by Zuckerberg, this has been a highly requested feature, providing more flexibility and security for the many WhatsApp users looking to switch to a new device.

WhatsApp added the ability to transfer your data from iPhone to Android last year, which had been a key pain point for many WhatsApp users.

Before last year’s update, transferring your info meant losing your chat history, as there was no way to maintain security in the transition. Because WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, and stored on-device, Meta says that it had to work collaboratively with OS developers to come up with a solution that facilitated data sharing in this way.

And now, those switching between Android and iPhone will have the same capacity, which will give users more choice in their device selection and management.

The updated process is being rolled out to all WhatsApp users from today.

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