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Google to allow removal of counterfeit goods from search results
June 11, 2020
Life after Google Shopping: Don’t be a one-trick pony
June 11, 2020

Good morning, Marketers, the spam battle continues.

Google discovers more than 25 billion spammy pages a day, according to its annual webspam report released Tuesday. The company also says it generated over 90 million messages to site owners about issues that may affect their site’s appearance in search results as well as potential improvements. The reports highlight Googles’ challenge of having to constantly try to stay ahead of spammers. Left unchecked, spam hurts the entire search ecosystem, including searchers and legitimate sites that appear in the results.

While some brands have remained silent about the Black Lives Matter movement, that’s an exception among the highest profile B2C brands. One of the challenges for brands in taking social or political stances is convincing audiences that their positions are authentic or sincere. A plurality of consumers in a Morning Consult survey (42%) said companies “try too hard to make it seem like they care about things besides their own bottom line.” 

Another 22% said they “didn’t know” and 36% were supportive of brand activism. Greg Sterling says, “While pressure on brands to take political positions has been growing for some time, this seems like a turning point or watershed moment of sorts.” Marketers need to be prepared to respond. Consumers, particularly Millennials, are looking for brands to take a stand and do so authentically.

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