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‘What’s an ads guy doing running Google search?’
June 6, 2020
How to adapt SEO strategies for the zero-click search landscape
June 9, 2020

Good morning, and a happy birthday to my father, who knows I do something related to search engines.   

When Prabhakar Raghavan was named Google’s new head of Search and Assistant last week, some SEOs were asking, “‘What’s an ads guy doing running Google Search?’ 

Raghavan had served as head of Ads and Commerce since 2018. But though Ads and Commerce will report to him (which, as we reported, is not unusual for the company), Raghavan’s background makes him well-suited to running Search, reports Greg Sterling, who has spoken with Raghavan several times over the past 20 years. Raghavan has written numerous technical papers on search and related topics over the past three decades and is the author of at least two significant search-related texts: Randomized Algorithms (1995) and Introduction to Information Retrieval (2008). 

Will publishers drop AMP? That was the question George Nguyen put to SEOs and publishers on the news that Google will lift the AMP requirement for showing in Top Stories next year. The answers are more nuanced than you might expect, and it’s a piece worthy of your time

Google Ads Explanations. In the short amount of time I’ve spent playing with the new Explanations tool in Google Ads, I’ve been impressed. It’s designed to help make it easier to identify the causes behind big shifts in campaign performance. It’s in beta and there are limitations — Search manual/eCPC campaigns only — but it’s handy, and I can also see it being a good training tool. 

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