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May 30, 2020
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Good morning, how can SMBs maximize their ad credit?

Now that eligible SMBs are starting to receive Google Ads credits to help them during COVID-19, many will be thinking about how to best spend this bonus budget. 

We reached out to Julie Friedman Bacchini, Robert Brady and Navah Hopkins — super-knowledgeable Google Ads experts that have a wealth of experience working with SMBs — to get their thoughts. Each was asked, “What three questions should SMBs consider before spending their Google As credits?” Even if you don’t qualify for a credit, their responses are worthy of your time. 

Consider thinking beyond Search, for example, says Hopkins. “We often fall into the default trap of thinking about Google as search-only. This leaves out the incredibly useful and increasingly profitable YouTube and Display. Given that the most you will see from this grant is $1,000, the funds might reach further if they’re fueling a community engagement campaign via Display or showcasing your amazing team and reminding folks you’re open through YouTube. Best of all, these channels provide potential audience fuel for future search campaigns.”

SEO + Developers = Double Strength. Google’s Martin Splitt is on a mission to give SEOs and developers the knowledge and language to work better together. It’s a mission shared by Search Engine Land’s Detlef Johnson, who spearheads our SEO for Developers series

“I think good developers and SEOs want websites to be fast, so oftentimes developers don’t necessarily convey this properly to the business side of things, whereas SEOs already have a really good rapport with the business side of most operations and organizations,” Splitt said in this clip from Live with Search Engine Land

We are again polling our readers about how you feel about attending in-person events and conferences later this year given many states are beginning to reopen. When we first posed this question a few weeks ago, just 4 out of 10 said they would attend a live event without a proven COVID-19 vaccine in place. We’ll continue to share these results as we track them. Take the quick survey here. 

Read on for an excellent Pro Tip on using the Google Disavow Tool and more. 

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