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Let’s hope COVID-19 isn’t a ‘mass extinction event’ for small businesses
May 23, 2020
Facebook Shops: Up next on Live with Search Engine Land
May 26, 2020

Good morning, we hope you’re enjoying a respite today,

Memorial Day (unofficially) marks the start of a new season and a day to reflect on our history and heroes. This year, of course, there’s even more to consider as the pandemic will be a defining moment in our collective memory. Amid the massive upheaval, we’ve seen the marketing community continue to come together to help one another navigate this new now. 

Live with Search Engine Land has been part of our effort to help stay connected, share expertise and insights and just check in. If you’ve missed out on any episodes in which leading in-house and agency marketers share what they’ve been seeing, learning and how they’re adapting to new work and market conditions, we’ve pulled them together here for you. 

The SEOs among us may be particularly interested in:

PPC conversations spanned B2B, e-Commerce, branding and more:

It’s unclear how much longer the crisis is going to last, but you can be sure we’ll keep bringing you content to help you stay ahead of the curve. Subscribe to our YouTube channel — and, hit the bell icon to get notifications on new Live with Search Engine Land episodes.

Read on for your daily dose of Search Shorts.

Take care and stay safe!

George Nguyen,
Associate Editor


Search Shorts

Google algorithm tremors.

Google algorithm tremors. There may have been a smaller Google ranking update at the end of last week. We posted about some of those signs and signals over on this blog.

Do links count. John Mueller of Google was asked if a specific type of link counts or not and John said it doesn’t matter. He said, “It doesn’t really matter if it ‘counts,’ does it? Over time, as your site grows in importance on the web, as its reputation among users grows for providing unique, compelling, & high-quality content, Google Search might also recommend it more. That’s not an on/off thing.”

Special character domain names. When it comes to special characters or languages in domain names, Google handles it.  Mueller said, “IMO we don’t do anything special for IDNs or IDN TLDs (other than the punycode handling, there’s no need to handle them individually). There was quite a bit involved with the first IDN TLDs, but they’re pretty well-established nowadays.”


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