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Celebrating 30 Years In Business

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Elevate your brand. Expand your reach

Discover how our 30+ years of experience can reshape the digital presence of your business


Welcome to Stavridis Group, a pioneering name in the Web Design and Digital Marketing industry in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

With a legacy spanning 30 successful years, we stand as a testament to innovation and expertise.

Our primary focus is on Web Design and Digital Marketing services tailored to the unique needs of businesses in the Canberra area.

At Stavridis Group, we’re more than just a digital agency – we’re your strategic partner for online success. Our unwavering vision is to elevate the online prominence of all our valued clients. In a digital age where visibility is paramount, we’re here to propel your business to the forefront of the virtual landscape.

What sets us apart is our unparalleled experience. With three decades of industry insights, we possess a wealth of knowledge that extends beyond mere trends.

We offer more than just services; we provide you with informed business advice that stems from a deep understanding of the digital realm. This distinctive feature empowers our clients to make sound decisions that drive growth and ensure sustained success.

Based in the heart of Canberra, ACT, we’re intimately familiar with the local business landscape. Our services are finely tuned to cater to the unique challenges and opportunities presented in this vibrant city.

From designing captivating websites that engage your audience to crafting result-driven digital marketing strategies, we’re your one-stop solution for all things digital.

We believe in forging lasting partnerships, and that’s why our approach is centered around your goals.

By seamlessly blending creativity, technology, and strategy, we bring your brand’s vision to life in the digital sphere. Whether you’re a small local business or a larger enterprise, our tailored solutions cater to businesses of all sizes.

Join hands with Stavridis Group and embark on a transformative digital journey. Let us be the catalyst that propels your business towards online excellence.

Discover how our 30+ years of experience can reshape your digital presence and set you on the path to unparalleled success. Elevate your brand, expand your reach – all with the seasoned expertise of Stavridis Group.

Digital Marketing Canberra Australia | Web Design Canberra Digital Marketers Canberra | SEO Canberra
Digital Marketers Canberra Australia | Web Design Company Canberra | SEO Canberra

We are an award winning Digital Marketing Agency in Canberra.
We have been operating in the ACT since 1993. We've always kept our skills at the forefront of technology. 

We offer business wisdom and years of marketing experience to other businesses.

SEO Canberra | Digital Marketing Canberra | Web Design Canberra

What We Do

Web Design Canberra | SEO Canberra | Digital Marketing Canberra

Using the latest tools, we build websites that perform their function smoothly whilst looking fantastic.

With a focus on cutting-edge solutions, we customise web development for every possible need.

There is no point being online if no-one can find you. We don’t just build websites; we bring them to life with activity.

We apply a series of customised online marketing tactics to direct potential customers to your website and take a larger slice of the market.

We are a digital agency that helps companies achieve prominence in a digital world.

We specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO)- helping clients gain visibility, leads, customers and supporters through search discoverability.

We setup your PPC campaigns for success with ad groups mapped along the customer journey, targeted ad copy & proven optimisation strategies.

We identify your target audience based on interests and keep your brand top of mind by ensuring that frequency goals are met where your customers are most.

We tailor your marketing plan to include advertising platforms and networks that best align with your business goals.

Campaigns are setup and structured based on best practices and insights obtained through planning for effective budget control and management.

Our paid social services help increase brand awareness and acquisitions by targeting consumers where they are online most often with proven campaign management strategies.

Our planning consists of defining target audience profiles based on geography, demographics, and interests, inventory assessment, and budget allocation recommendations based on campaign business objectives.

Campaign spending is managed on an ongoing basis with proven strategies and tactics aimed at minimising budget and maximising ROI.

Our Consumer psychologist studies people’s emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses to a wide variety of stimuli including advertisements, packaging, marketing promotions, communications, products, services, and experiences.

From these studies, our consumer psychologist will help you determine design changes that will produce an improved consumer response and sales increases.

Consumer Psychology helps manufacturers and retailers better understand customer needs and desires.

Invite us to produce a marketing plan for your company.

Our marketing plan is a strategic roadmap that businesses use to organise, execute, and track their marketing strategy over a given time period.

Our Marketing plans include separate marketing strategies for the various marketing teams across the company, but all of them work toward the same business goals.

All roads lead to your brand.

We bring ideas to life with our expertise in graphic design and media.

Our logos, videos, campaigns and copy-writing builds a brand story that will draw customers in.

The power of video deployed correctly on your website, through social media, on platform channels, and as recurring content can deeply connect with your consumers and customers and make a huge difference in your bottom line.

We produce all the video content that's required for online promotions.

Our photographer also captures all those important corporate events, staff photos and product photos required for social media marketing.

We Are Award Winning Digital Marketing Canberra Company In Australia
We offer a range of Canberra Web Solutions

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